31 October, 2007

29 October, 2007

27 October, 2007


This whatever is very complex and wonderful, extremely intoxicating, overwhelming, breathtaking, daunting, delicious, and I'm savoring every minute of it. I will hold it gently, nurture it daily, breathe it in deeply and handle it with care.

Beff's beers on tap - Delmar

26 October, 2007

Halloween masquerade- Katie and Bryan

"Phantom of the Opera"

24 October, 2007

23 October, 2007

22 October, 2007

LaSalette Shrine- Altamont, NY

The LaSalette Shine located off of 146 in Altamont is truly a wonderful place to visit. There are approximately 15 or more statues scattered across the landscape, and I was both captivated and moved by them.
Mother Mary
The secrets we women carry
This statue nearly brought me to tears as I photographed it.

20 October, 2007


19 October, 2007

Vermont country life

Welcoming doors - Church of the Nazarene-Bethel, Maine
Train tracks to anywhere
Outside the General Store

Red leaf - New Hampshire foliage

I took this picture using Curt's macro lens, which allows you to get very close, yet still hold the detail.

14 October, 2007

11 October, 2007

Syracuse University campus

Music building at Syracuse
beautiful architecture

10 October, 2007


Beautiful colors!
Shadow on leaf

New Hampshire/Vermont foliage

Church of the Nazarene - Bethel, Maine
A slice of Americana
Slender birches