18 December, 2008

Christmas tree

I apologize for the grainy Christmas tree pics. I will try and post some of Bryan's pictures that he took with his digital. It's a beautiful tree though.

Our Christmas tree with LED lights

Matthew helping to decorate

Boys decorating

12 December, 2008

Get Well present from my son -

Isnt it adorable One wrong step and wham...you're down for the count. The ice won and my ankle is broken. I've got a lovely little cast up to my knee, but it hardly even hurts. It is, however, going to be a long 6 weeks.

07 December, 2008

Northampton, MA Christmas scene

Didn't know my cell phone could do this!

Church doors

I love to photograph church doors...don't know why, but they fascinate me. These lovely red doors were so beautiful, I couldn't resist.

Downtown Northampton, MA

The sun is out

Food Not Bombs

Grassroots organization collecting day old food from local businesses and distributing it free to anybody who wants it.

Haymarket Juice and cafe

Hallmark Gallery - Paul Camponigro exhibit

Paul Caponigro exhibit

Ben and Bills chocolate emporium

What a beautiful Christmas display window...a child's fantasy indeed!

Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography

29 November, 2008

27 November, 2008

Morning walk

Ominous skies


26 November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Krause's Homemade Chocolate

They make some very fine chocolates...their dark chocolate is

especially delicious, and the caramels...don't even get me started.

25 November, 2008

tis the season

Nothing goes together better than Bailey's and chocolate...nothing!

17 November, 2008

Country road

I was out enjoying the autumn color and came upon this road which runs along Myosotis Lake in Rensselaerville.

Five Rivers

I was glad to make some pictures with something other than my cell phone. I took this one with Curt's Nikon and am very happy with the results.


I love to get up close in nature, and this particular leaf called out to me. I really like the golden color and perfect symmetry that Mother Nature produces for our enjoyment.

Rensselaerville, NY

I was out and about in Rensselaerville, a small town just outside of Albany. There are several quaint old houses in town, and I just love the windows and doorways.

16 November, 2008

Curt and Benjamin

Benjamin likes to pretend he's a big bear, even though he's only

five, so Curt gave him his first driving lesson.

15 November, 2008

Curt - Starbucks Lake Placid

Saturday turned out to be unseasonably warm and rainy, so

we stopped into a few shops along Main Street and then sat

down for a cup of java.

downtown Lake Placid

11 November, 2008

autumn splendor

09 November, 2008

Five Rivers

Morning at Five Rivers

I took a walk this morning on the Vlomanskill trail at Five Rivers.

It was an exceptionally crisp and clear morning so I brought

Curt's Nikon with me.

05 November, 2008

A new beginning

The park outside my office building on the day after

Barack Obama won the election...change is here!

The people of the United States have spoken and they

are ready for change - Last night they voted for Barack Obama

as their new President.

30 October, 2008

Celtic Thunder at the Knickerbocker Arena - Albany

Five Celtic men, singing out their hearts! I have a weakness

for a man in a kilt.

More Celtic Thunder

My daughter Jenn took this picture. Very good concert.

Celtic Thunder

27 October, 2008

Old First Church cemetary

Robert Frost, the poet, is buried at The Old First Church cemetary, not too far from this small building/shed. His epitaph reads, "I had a lover's quarrel with the world."
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Autumn in the northeast

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First Congretional Curch - Lee, Massachusetts

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Lee, MA

Pittstown, NY town cemetary

Pittstown, NY is a great little town just outside of Bennington. After leaving the cemetary, I headed to the corner where the local church was just letting out. The pastor, as well as several church-goers stopped by to chat and welcome me. Great community!
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Fence - Old First Church

Magnificent pipes!

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Balcony of Old First Church

The organ pipes on both sides are remarkable.
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Bennington, VT - Old First Church

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