25 May, 2008

Brooklyn, CT

12 May, 2008

Mission San Francisco di Asis

I love the way the afternoon light fell on the pews.
Just outside the mission chapel.
Not the best picture I've ever taken, but the altar was so beautiful.
OK, I realize this picture is totally out of focus, but I love the color!
Absolutely outstanding tile work!
Altar of the cathedral attached to the mission.
Again, the light just fascinates me.


Quaint little doorway I stumbled across while walking around town.
St. Nicholas Cathedral - Russian Orthodox
Grace Cathedral, downtown San Francisco Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Gorgeous architecture

There are various "painted ladies" as these Victorian houses are called, spread out around the entire San Francisco area.
This particular house looks like it belongs down south with those grandiose homes.
There is a lot of beautiful, colorful tilework in many of these homes.
Such color!

Napa Valley - Wine Country!

What beautiful rows of heavenly grapes, fruit of the gods!
V Sattui Winery, a family owned business on a pristine piece of land.
Rutherford Hill Vineyard - By far the best winery we visited. We tasted 5 wines, each one of them better than the last. I recommend the 2003 Reserve Merlot...delicious and so smooth! The last thing we tasted was their zinfandel port, served with chocolate covered blueberries! So delicious I brought back two bottles.
View across the valley from Rutherford Hill
Castella di Amorosa, Napa Valley
This small stone hut was so simple, but you should have seen the rather large castle that the owner of the winery had built.

San Francisco flowers

I was captivated by the delicate yellow veins...spectacular!
This orchid was only display at a farmer's market that I came across while wandering around the Pacific Heights area in San Francisco. There were so many beautiful flowers. This rose was unusually large and oh so pretty.
This one was such a creamy peach color...
Pretty in pink
These images were taken at two wineries along Rt. 29, Napa Valley. The roses in general were so very fragrant, it was intoxicating.

11 May, 2008

Multimedia message

Mothers Day at The Crossings

09 May, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, I'm back from my trip to San Francisco. What a great place to visit, and I can definitely see where people would visit there and not return back home. It's so laid back, comfortable, lively, interesting, etc. I must say, driving through wine country was my favorite day; the weather was just incredible, as was the landscape. Winery after winery, neat little rows, and tasting all of it as we went along. Rutherford Hill was my personal favorite; they serve a 2003 Merlot that was absolutely delectable. The architecture was also so incredible. There are so many Victorian houses dotting the landscape, each one prettier than the last with its own old world charm. It was fun to see this juxtaposed against the modern technology that is California. Very intersting. Union Square was like a little slice of New York City with its tall buildings and flashing media advertisements. Once I learned the bus system, I was able to get around very inexpensively. I boast that I rode the buses for 13 hours on $1.50...pretty good, huh! What a fun place to just walk around shooting film. All in all, a great trip...I'd do it again in a hearbeat.

07 May, 2008

Last day in San Francisco - Union Square

Last day im San Francisco - gorgeous weather