25 June, 2008

Jenn helping with the jam making process

I don't know how many of us are out there

who are still canning..I'm guessing far and few

between. I'm passing on the tradition!

Making Strawberry Jam...25 jars!

Well, this is what we did after picking all those

strawberries earlier in the day.

Olana architecture

Jenn on Olana steps

Looking out onto the Catskills from Olana

Jenn at Olana

We had a great day, picking strawberries, lunch

in Hudson, NY, and then the view at Olana!

Jenn looking out at The Catskills, awestruck

Jenn showing off her berries

picking strawberries

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Lunch at Nolita's - Hudson, NY

Strawberry fields forever

Thompson Finch Farm

remember this place Curt

23 June, 2008

Sunlight through leaves

I don't know that I was able to catch the light

as it streamed through and backlit these leaves; it was stunning.

Quiet moment

I sat on a bench across from this scene, thinking

about people, places, and life. Sometimes it all

gets so complicated, I feel the need to steal away.

Raging June waters

The water was fast and furious today, and extremely muddy.

Five Rivers

Tree stump

I wanted to try getting close to something in the foreground

to show some depth.

Brett's Bridge

Love my walks at Five Rivers, and this bridge is

my ultimate destination; I just love it and the

surrounding waters.

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21 June, 2008

20 June, 2008

A quiet break from riding

Love this picture of Curt..we had been out riding

all day, and we both needed a break. This lake was

just the place for some peaceful solitude.

10 June, 2008

09 June, 2008

08 June, 2008

Photographer trying to escape the 96 degree heat inside the church...didn't work

I took this picture from inside the church, because

I was trying to escape the 95 degree heat.

Noble family cemetary - Noble Holler

Gateway to Heaven Church - Noble holler

People gathered outside the Gateway to Heaven church that was

originally started by Bill Noble. He has since passed away, but it

proved to be the perfect place to display Shelby's pictures.

Curt and Roy Lee Banks

Roy Lee Banks is quite a character. He's a wonderful musician

as well as a teacher of music. Here, he is attempting to teach Curt how to play the mandolin.

Rachel (sitting down) singing with the band - The Leatherneck Mountain Boys

Rachel sat down to sing a few songs with members of the band.

Trying to stay cool on the porch - 95 Kentucky degrees

Curt and Vernon Noble chatting after 4 wheeling earlier

Gateway to Heaven Church - Noble holler

Roy Banks teaching Curt to play mandolin

Gateway to Heaven Church - Noble holler

07 June, 2008

sunset - Hazard

Baby gets new shoes

Jenn's horse Baby was re-shoed while we were there.

Chicken in a cage - Eagles Nest

Hobert tasting the recipe - Eagles Nest, KY

Hobert is quite the character, but I found him to be very gentle as well.

You could see it in how he interacted with his family. Here, he's testing the moonshine.

More tasting

Mike is a friend of Jenn's, Hobert and Lisa's daughter. He was tasting the moonshine

as well, as most of us did.

Sarah, Shelby's assistant, learning to shoot

Sarah was Shelby's assistant for a week or so. Like me, she had never

shot a gun before.

Tabitha singing - she has a beautiful voice for a 16 year old

Tabitha has a voice like an angel, and she was gracious enough to sing for us. Her sister Jenn

joined in, as did their mom Lisa.

Jenn riding her horse Baby