28 July, 2008

Dinner at Nicole's to celebrate...

Jenn passed Statistics!!!

27 July, 2008

Jaffrey, NH

Jaffrey is a very small town in New Hampshire -

We went there for a River Fest, but got there a

bit too late...it was a very small venue and things were

closing up...small town America!

Sunflowers Cafe - Fitzwilliam, NH

We stopped at the cafe after leaving Jaffrey...

nice little place, good food, lots of sunflowers,

and tons of herbs growing in pots on the deck...we

could smell the rosemary while we were eating.

Jaffrey, NH

21 July, 2008

20 July, 2008

Curt at Lake Pleasant

Outside of Indian Lake

We stopped along Route 30 for lunch...a family from Italy was lunching as well. I knew they were European when I saw a round peasant bread, a hunk of cheese and grapes...sounds like a good lunch to me! We had salads, fruit, and cheese as well, all while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Campfire at Sacandaga State campground

Curt at Lake Pleasant

Lifeguard digs - Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant - Adirondacks


Lake Pleasant

New boat shoes and new ankle bracelet

Relaxing at the campsite

18 July, 2008

Downtown Albany

Downtown Albany, as seen from my desk at work

(through a screen).

17 July, 2008


15 July, 2008

08 July, 2008

Whatever 3

And just when I think that I've ruined it all, and that maybe I don't deserve happiness, somebody shows me that he loves me, unconditionally.

06 July, 2008

Bristol, VT

What a beautiful find...my pictures don't do it

justice. The water was so clear and clean, the fall

and surrounding rocks just gorgeous.

Local swimming hole - Bristol, VT

Purple mountains, majesty...Appalachian Gap, VT

Talk about purple mountains

Congregational Church - Middlebury, VT

03 July, 2008