31 August, 2008

Oxbow Lake

Yes those leaves are red - autumn is upon us

Me - Lake Pleasant

Osborne Pt - Lake Pleasant

what a beautiful Sunday here bu the lake - there is a gentle breeze that makes the water sparkle like pixie dust - it doesnt get any better than this

sacandaga river from my campsite

Osborne Point - Lake Pleasant

my campsite #99 - awesome

Great Sacandaga Lake

29 August, 2008

Whatever 4

I can feel the cooler changes of the season bearing down on me. I enjoyed the warmth that rekindled my spirit and opened my heart to new things, but it's time for autumn with its colorful but fleeting palette. I must enjoy what I can while I have it, and know when to let it go.

Robert Cray - The Egg, Albany

What an awesome show, although I had a hard time

taking pictures...the people behind me didn't appreciate it.

Robert Cray

The man can play the blues!

25 August, 2008

Lovely falls along Rt. 9 - Elizabethtown

I came across these falls and the wonderful

swimming hole -- lots of families hanging out

and enjoying the weather and water.

24 August, 2008

swimming hole (sunlight setting)

I notice when I set the camera for a sunny day,

the picture seem a little on the gold/orange side.

swimming hole - Elizabethtown, NY


Zen rocks

ADK LOJ - Looking out at Heart Lake

Downtown Lake Placid


Looking out at Lake Placid (u shaped body of water)

From atop Whiteface Mountain -

Looking out at the High Peaks of the Adirondacks

Me on top of Whiteface

19 August, 2008

Standing by Peaceful Waters

Don't know what these are...any suggestions?

Five Rivers - sepia

Five Rivers - color

Recharge Pond - Five Rivers Conservation

Aptly named!

Fox Pond - Five Rivers

A quiet break

It really was just one of those beautiful, quiet,

still, summer evenings

Multimedia message

Flowers on blue sky reflection

A beautiful summer's day, turning toward evening...

Road to peace

Two deer

They were fairly far away, and I couldn't get any

closer (not for lack of trying). It's pretty cool though,

because if you click on the image and expand it,

it looks like a Monet.

Multimedia message

17 August, 2008

Riders ralaxing after the 75 mile ride

Deb and Eva...keeping us organized!

Deb did an awesome job organizing the Ididaride...she

was always one step ahead, thinking of what had to happen next.

Eva did a great job as well, quietly working to do what needed to be done.

And the journey begins...

IDIDARIDE riders taking off

Ididaride is a 75 mile journey through the

Adirondack mountains to raise money for ADK.

registration for ADK ididaride

13 August, 2008

Storm brewing in Delmar

Chilling on the lake...

Storm brewing on Lake George

Boat launch - Lake George

Boat launch - Lake George

How's this for an ominous sky

Chris jet skiing - Lake George

My brother Chris and his family invited Cathy and

I to jet ski...what a blast!

Bird on rock

Sean and Daniel - Lake George, NY

Sean enjoying time on the lake

Brotherly conversation...

Daniel, my nephew, relaxing on Lake George

12 August, 2008

Lake George