30 October, 2008

Celtic Thunder at the Knickerbocker Arena - Albany

Five Celtic men, singing out their hearts! I have a weakness

for a man in a kilt.

More Celtic Thunder

My daughter Jenn took this picture. Very good concert.

Celtic Thunder

27 October, 2008

Old First Church cemetary

Robert Frost, the poet, is buried at The Old First Church cemetary, not too far from this small building/shed. His epitaph reads, "I had a lover's quarrel with the world."
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Autumn in the northeast

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First Congretional Curch - Lee, Massachusetts

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Lee, MA

Pittstown, NY town cemetary

Pittstown, NY is a great little town just outside of Bennington. After leaving the cemetary, I headed to the corner where the local church was just letting out. The pastor, as well as several church-goers stopped by to chat and welcome me. Great community!
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Fence - Old First Church

Magnificent pipes!

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Balcony of Old First Church

The organ pipes on both sides are remarkable.
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Bennington, VT - Old First Church

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26 October, 2008

24 October, 2008

Black Magic beer - Beff's Pub, Delmar, NY

Guiness on the top, Black Hat on bottom!

Bryan at Beffs

Alldays and Onions

Cathy and I were out and about in Bennington, VT

yesterday. We had lunch at this great little sandwich

shop in the middle of town.

Bennington Pottery, VT

Old First Church

I never tire of taking photos at this

church in the heart of Bennington. Black

and white photos (film) to follow soon.

21 October, 2008

Five Rivers

I had a wonderful day over at Five Rivers about 2 weeks ago shooting pictures with my son's digital camera. I was fighting with the light as the sun was quickly falling behind the horizon.

19 October, 2008

All Saints Church - Rt. 7

Pittstown, NY cemetary

Small town USA

Bennington, VT

Rt. 7 - Pittstown, NY

Curt - downtown Bennington, VT

Curt downtown Bennington

Old First Church - Bennington, VT

Old First Church - Bennington, VT

It was a truly spectacular day in Bennington.

The colors were absolutely gorgeous. It is as

quaint a New England town as you'd find anywhere.

Curt and I met downtown for lunch and had

a wonderful afternoon. Stopped at Bennington

Pottery and picked up some gorgeous pieces.

Fence - Old First Church

Girl taking picture at Old First Church

Old First Church cemetary - Bennington, VT

Autumn scene outside Bennington Pottery

Farm equipment along Rt. 7 Pittstown, NY

Old farm building - Rt. 7