30 December, 2009

AT&T and Blogger are not playing nicely together, so no further pictures until they work things out :-(

16 December, 2009

A Wintery Walk in the Woods (alliteration)

My favorite place to walk is transformed into a winter wonderland!

06 December, 2009

First snowfall

Five Rivers - deer

Caught this little guy peeking through during the first snowfall of the year. We only got about 2 inches, but the park was covered and it was oh so quiet this morning when I went walking. Just me and the deer.

05 December, 2009


My son working at Starbucks

29 November, 2009

28 November, 2009

Artist Guild - outskirts of Bennington, VT Rt. 7

I've always loved passing these little gems...artist creations that seem to make magic of the evening sky.

17 November, 2009


Heart Lake - ADK property in Lake Placid, NY
Chapel Pond - Adirondack Park, NY

08 November, 2009

Autumn 2009 - Vermont mostly

More vacation pictures

Deer Island - New Brunswick, Canada
Bar Harbor, Maine
I took these pictures back in September.

01 November, 2009

ADK Loj - Lake Placid, NY

This is up on Heart Lake on ADK's property. Saturday was kind of raw and rainy, but today turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. While Curt had his meeting, I hiked around the lake, exploring the most pristine acre of land in the Adirondacks. With Curt being the outgoing President of ADK, I think I will miss our visits us to the Loj, because Heart Lake really is a beautiful, untouched piece of heaven. Mel, ADK's amazing cook, sent us of with a loaf of rosemary bread and a few slices of banana bread for the road. We took our time heading home, stopping to take pictures along the way.

30 October, 2009

25 October, 2009

Lunch at Sweet Sue's - Phoenicia, NY

This is a real hippie town with lots of little shops and good eats.

Greenville NY

22 October, 2009

My mother's hands

I took this picture of my mother's hands while I was visiting her this past week in Florida. I'm always amazed by the experiences that are deeply etched in the hands of older people. These strong hands have raised 7 children and changed countless diapers in the process. At times they've lifted me up, and it's during those times that she's reminded me that I am stronger than I realize, especially in the face of adversity. At 84, my mom still dresses nice every morning, puts on her make-up and jewelry and heads off to church, ready to greet the new day. Some days are better than others, but she doesn't give in. She'll be the first one to tell you that as long as the good Lord graces her with the good health to make it through another day, she'll take the first step each morning. She's grateful every day for the ability to be independent.

Sunrise - Hallendale Beach, FL

21 October, 2009

18 October, 2009

mom and cathy at pier

17 October, 2009

15 October, 2009

12 October, 2009

Peru VT

11 October, 2009

09 October, 2009


25 September, 2009

20 September, 2009

Shelburne Coffee Roasters -Shelburne Falls, MA

Curt cannot resist a local coffee shop.

19 September, 2009

Nice kilt!

His t-shirt reads, "I'd rather cough up a pint of blood than swallow an ounce of pride."

Irish Fest 2000


18 September, 2009


14 September, 2009

Five Rivers

Just a few of the things that I observed on my Sunday morning walk. Autumn is already here; I've waited so long.