23 January, 2009

Pick up the marbles with your toes

Part of my physical therapy this morning...pick up the marbles with my toes and place them in the container. Not so bad, but the larger marbles were impossible. My ankle is feeling better and has more movement every day. My PT says that by next week I can try walking with just one crutch! There's one catch though...I have to get either a shoe or sneaker on my foot before I can attempt to walk, so that's my goal for the weekend...find a shoe that fits. I kind of feel like Cinderella I guess.


focusfinder said...

Whoever said you were losing your marbles was quite wrong ;)

peacebear said...

It's been a long process, and it's not over yet, but it's getting better. I want to walk without a crutch so badly. We went driving through Vermont yesterday, and I shot some black and white film. I'll post them once they're developed.