28 May, 2009

Curt and the girls

Curt, Cutie, and Precious Too

25 May, 2009

24 May, 2009

Multimedia message

My nephew's band at the Memorial Day Party

BBQ AT chris

22 May, 2009

Port Jefferson

We had a lovely dinner at the Wave, a restaurant situated right on the water. It was a beautiful night for dining outside, and the food the absolutely delicious...the wine was even better, and it was good to be with family.

Jenn's graduation

My daughter graduated from Stony Brook University. It was a beautiful day, really. More pictures to come when I get back home.

21 May, 2009

Memphis Maes BBQ

Really good beer, the the food was out of this world. Real down home southern cooking.

20 May, 2009


19 May, 2009

Video of procession

ceremonial parade

Parade preparation

The bagpipes were spectacular. They were preparing for a parade to honor the fallen police officers of 2008. There were officers on foot, bicycle, and motorcycle. I'd say in all there were about 200 officers participating.

18 May, 2009

The lilacs are in bloom

Lilacs are, by far, my favorite flower ever. They are so very fragrant, but only last about 2 weeks, so I have to enjoy them while I can.

New Scotland farm with horses

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I made this. Tonight I was playing around in Photoscape, and had a little fun making this "sketch." It reminds me of an art project assignment I had in grade school. We had a piece of rubber, maybe 5x7, and a tool (much like a cuticle remover) that we used to dig out the background, leaving the outline of our picture on the surface. We then rolled paint over the image and made prints. Very cool.

14 May, 2009

Deer feeding - Five Rivers

I find that if I move very slowly, I can usually get pretty close for my shot.

Guilderland Golf Club

Curt and I went to ADK's Albany Chapter annual banquet held at Mallozzi's on this beautiful golf course. It was a glorious evening, the food was absolutely outstanding, and we had a great time.

Five Rivers - The Pond

I pass this pristine pond when I take the Old Field trail. Now that I've got a digital camera (thank you Curt) I'm enjoying taking pictures with something other than my cell phone. This particular shot, for me, is the epitome of nature's best.

11 May, 2009

Mother's Day

Bryan and Jenn
Matthew and Bryan
Matt, Bryan, and Jennifer
My kids and me! They took me out for a lovely brunch at Peaches and Cream Cafe.
Bryan and Jenn

07 May, 2009

Lark Street rowhouses - downtown Albany

Lark Street rowhouses

Lark Street, or the Little Greenwich Village as it sometimes affectionately called, was alive with activities last night.