26 June, 2009

Ralph Lieberman opening - Williams College, MA

Curt and I went to the photography opening of a friend of his, Ralph Lieberman, a professor at Williams College. His images are outstanding, his printing beautiful. I wish I could show some of his work here, but as it was, I was reprimanded by security for taking this picture. Also at the Williams College Museum of Art are two exhibits of Edward Steichen: Episodes from a Life in Photography and Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, The Condé Nast Years, 1923-1927. Again, stunning images and printing. After the opening reception, Ralph took a few friends and colleagues, Curt and I included, out for a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. It was very exciting...everything a summer's evening in the Berkshires has to offer. I was very grateful to Ralph for including me in the festivities.

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