22 October, 2009

My mother's hands

I took this picture of my mother's hands while I was visiting her this past week in Florida. I'm always amazed by the experiences that are deeply etched in the hands of older people. These strong hands have raised 7 children and changed countless diapers in the process. At times they've lifted me up, and it's during those times that she's reminded me that I am stronger than I realize, especially in the face of adversity. At 84, my mom still dresses nice every morning, puts on her make-up and jewelry and heads off to church, ready to greet the new day. Some days are better than others, but she doesn't give in. She'll be the first one to tell you that as long as the good Lord graces her with the good health to make it through another day, she'll take the first step each morning. She's grateful every day for the ability to be independent.

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Barb said...

I like your photos, but I like this one the most of your mother's hands: I remember her very well, and I hope you can tell her that I do so with fondness. She's a very good woman, and was a good friend to my mother.