19 March, 2010

Downtown Albany - a walk after lunch

The first picture is City Hall, then tree shadows and man on bench (looks like he hasn't moved in ages).


A memorial dedicated to Justice, Hope, and Truth.


I just really liked this Jeep.

Park outside the Education Building

As you can see, Albany was the birthplace of modern electricity.

The Capitol

The Capitol is under construction. The crane you see is about 20 stories high. It will be a part of the Albany landscape for quite a while as they restore the roof.

18 March, 2010

Horse-drawn buggy

The sugar houses can't rely solely on their syrup production, because it's so labor-intensive, so many have incorporated family activities, such as buggy rides, to draw in the masses. If you've got small kids, it's a nice day trip and ever so tasty!

Another sugarhouse near Northhampton, MA

Our intention was to have a nice pancake breakfast at one of the many sugarhouses that are in full swing right now, producing maple syrup. However, much to our dismay, the waiting list for breakfast was an hour and a half; we were hungry. The grounds were very nice though, so we walked a bit. I still love to see the buckets hanging from the trees, although most of the collecting is actually done with rubber tubing.

17 March, 2010


Sugarhouse - Massachusetts

Downtown Albany


It was a beautiful spring day here today in the capital district...went for a walk at lunchtime and found the buds opening up.