31 May, 2010

James Taylor

Pittsfield Colonials, and who shows up to sing the national anthem but Berkshires one and only James Taylor. Awesome treat!

Small town USA - Pittsfield, MA local ballgame

Play ball!

Pittsfield Colonials

Wahconah Park - Pittsfield, MA (Home of the Pittsfield Colonials)


25 May, 2010

22 May, 2010

21 May, 2010

A Day in Manhattan

16 May, 2010

Heading home from my long day in Manhattan

Heading home, finally

Rousseau at Museum of Modern Art



MOMA sculpture Garden

MOMA sculpture garden

Leaving mass - St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC

15 May, 2010

The Cloisters - Fort Tryon, Manhattan

stained glass

Cafe in the garden

Coffee break at Cloisters cafe

Overlooking the Hudson

Cloisters garden

Bear Mountain Park


Cloisters garden


14 May, 2010

Bear Mountain Park

Fishing...Bear Mtn Pk

Bear Mountain state park


Franciscan friars of the atonement. Graymoor retreat house

02 May, 2010

Five Rivers

Five Rivers

A Day in Vermont

Red barn just outside of Bennington, VT
Red barn with tractor
Bennington Pottery
First Baptist Church - Brattleboro, VT
Downtown Brattleboro
Old First Church - Bennington
Old worn out house, long ago forgotten.
Brattleboro park
Sprague's Maple Farm - Jacksonville, VT
New England

01 May, 2010

Abandoned house - Bennington, VT

Multimedia message

Hogback Mountain

Vermont maple house

Spragues maple farm - Jacksonville, VT