31 December, 2011

Lace curtain.

Lace curtains on Curt's front door. 

22 December, 2011

Christmas - Downtown Albany

Occupy Albany protest

Occupy Albany (OA)

Occupy Albany takes to the streets

OA Protesters

The 99% are angry


Occupy Albany mounted police

The tension rises....

A protest, out of focus

I don't know how I got this swirled effect, but I like it.

As the sign says...

Democracy needs you, needs us.

They are taking their protest to the streets.

26 November, 2011

Occupy Albany

Why are you here at Occupy Albany?


Solar panels collecting energy to be used during the night.

The proverbial peace sign.  Occupy Albany is extremely peaceful.  No problems at all.

Artistic endeavor of an occupier - Wall Street bankers behind bars.

Our state capitol, "For Rent"

They make a very good point.  We bailed out banks who have acted like little piggies for so many years, but we are turning our backs on those people who have worked hard.  Not fair.

So many tents, and people are still arriving.  That's the NY Capitol in the background.

The leaves around the tents are actually helping to keep the occupiers warm.  Luckily, we've had the warmest November that I can remember in recent history.

Albany Occupiers speak out.


A new arrival - I spoke with him, he was at Occupy Wall Street as well.

Our State Capital, as seen from Academy Park.

29 October, 2011

Grandma got this flag on her 7th birthday. That was 78 years ago. Count the stars...thats right, only 48! This is a piece of Americana. She was born on June 14...Flag Day.

10 October, 2011

Woodstock, VT

09 October, 2011

Downtown Littleton, NH

26 September, 2011

A changed Five Rivers

After Hurricane Irene, Five Rivers was quite changed.  The waters rose and took out hundreds of trees, not to mention a bridge or two.

25 September, 2011

New England, somewhere

Rensselaerville, NY

I was happy to see the most of this town was still intact after the storms.

Farm in Vermont

18 September, 2011

11 September, 2011

Paddling in East Lenox, MA with Curt

Getting ready to paddle Woods Lake, Lenox MA

10 September, 2011

Mexican Radio Restaurant

Hudson, NY - Best Mexican food I've ever had.

Shelby Lee Adams' pictures at gallery in Hudson, NY

08 September, 2011

Mr. And Mrs. Sarta

05 September, 2011

Clean up

I hate you Irene!

Devastation is awful

03 September, 2011

Housatonic cafe, lee MA