25 December, 2012

Christmas Day, 2012 - Torrington, CT

I had a wonderful Christmas at my brother's house in Connecticut.  Family and friends made what could have been a very sad holiday season, a happy and joyous day.

29 June, 2012

28 June, 2012

Wilmington, VT

Wilmington, VT

Wilmington, VT

Although Hurricane Irene did a lot of damage to this town, some business have re-opened and others are rebuilding.  Good to see.

Woodford Lake State Park, VT

27 June, 2012

The Black Cow Cafe - Croton on Hudson, NY

I go to this cafe whenever I visit my sister.  Really good coffee.

Flowers at Olana

Beautiful Olana State Park

One of New York's pristine parks.  The views are gorgeous.

Olana State Park

Gorgeous flowers at Olana.

12 June, 2012


I read a book recently, The Paris Wife, essentially historical fiction and slightly embellished about life with Ernest Hemingway from the perspective of his first wife, Hadley.  While I was reading it, I came across two references to one of his own books, A Moveable Feast, which I'm reading right now.  He talks about one particular time while in France -- he'd run into a brick wall, unable to write.  A writer's block if you will.  Then finally, he decided that he would just start with one truth, one true sentence.  I like this idea of taking one true idea and running with it.  I'm going to write something in this blog everyday...and I'm going to start it with one true sentence.

28 May, 2012

Retro cakery in saratoga

lunch at lillians

27 May, 2012

Southern Vermont College

View of Bennington Monument from SVC hillside.

Downtown Albany at lunch time

24 May, 2012


20 May, 2012

Old style Raleigh - Northampton, MA

I saw this bike parked on the street in downtown Northampton.

Academy of Music - Northampton

13 May, 2012

Southern Vermont College

Field at Southern Vermont College where I went to school for a year.  It's a beautiful campus, and very serene.


There were rabbits all over the place at Five Rivers.


A creek runs through it

Five Rivers.

Southern Vermont College

10 May, 2012

Filming a documentary

They are filming a documentary about Mohammad Ali outside my office building.  Here, they are unloading vintage cars from the 1960's and 1970's.  

06 May, 2012

Church in North Adam, MA

I really liked the sign as part of the church grounds.


Sundial at Five Rivers Environmental Center in New Scotland.

28 March, 2012

01 January, 2012

Northampton, MA

Glendale Falls, MA