29 January, 2013

Ancient Spanish Monastery - Hollywood, FL

Entrance to the monastery.

Hallowed halls.

Such beautiful architecture; I was in awe.


The entire monastery reminded me very much of the Cloisters in Bronx, NY

Can you see the glass ornaments dangling from the trees.


Winter at Five Rivers

I went walking through the woods on Sunday morning. It was so quiet; I didn't even see any deer which is unusual.  It was also bitter cold.  

17 January, 2013

My son Matthew and his girlfriend Katie

Such a cute couple.


Today we celebrated my daughter in law Katie's birthday. Her dad made a very nice dinner and we had cupcakes and gelato for dessert.

11 January, 2013

06 January, 2013

La Salette Shrine - Altamont, NY

This is one of my favorite places to take photographs.  Such a lovely shrine and the statues are amazing.  Always quiet, very peaceful.

The water pictures were taken by the Normanskill just outside of Altamont.  I got some great panoramic shots as well.

Panoramic view of normanskill Altamont New York

04 January, 2013

Albany, NY just after sunrise

I made this picture from my boss' window at the office, across from Academy Park. Not bad considering it's a phone with only a 2MP camera.